Welcome to the Weston Homes North West Essex Football League Web Site.


The North West Essex Sunday Football League was formed in 1972 with 12 teams. It is now

sponsored by Weston Homes Plc. This season, 2021/2022, comprises two divisions, Premier and First with a total of 19 teams. The League covers the areas of East Hertfordshire and North West Essex.



  1.  For any queries or comments, you can contact the League via this Web Site via the

       'Contacts' page.


  2. Team Managers please note that Referees must be offered their fee before each match

      otherwise this may incur a fine.


  3.  Please don't forget to phone in any cancelled games  to the Registration/Result Sec.  

       also the Referee's Secretary.


  4. Results of  all County Cup games must be advised at the usual specified times.               



        Last update -  June 2022 - THIS WEB SITE WILL CLOSE 31.07.22.



                               All results including Competitions must be Phoned/Messaged by latest 4.00pm on                                        Sundays.

                              It is the duty of the Home Team to provide the result.   Goal scorers can be included by                                 both teams if you wish.


                           Please note Result Sheets must be received by

                           Wednesday following the Sunday match.